theloop-Raonsecure, Certification Strategy Seminar

Greetings from the ICON team!

The “Certification Strategy Seminar” hosted by theloop and Raon-secure was held at the Yeouido Financial Investment Association in Gangnam on May 3.

Participants discussed how to leverage blockchain technology for biometric authentication.

[Seminar Introduction]

First session: theloop’s Hang-jin Kim
‘Model and Strategy for Blockhain Application in the Securities Sector’
: How blockchain leads to decentralization

Second session: Raon-secure’s Young-min Cho
‘Demonstration of certification through FIDO biometric authentication’
: PC-based FIDO certification & FIDO certification through separate media.

Third session: Raon-secure’s Tae-jin Kim
‘Certification Strategy Based on Blockchain’
: Digital signature law and blockchain based digital ID

The seminar successfully concluded with a brief Q&A session

We will continue to provide updates on any seminars hosted or attended by theloop.

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