MOU between theloop & AD4th

theloop has signed an MOU with AD4th to support digital marketing for blockchain business. The two companies agreed to share their expertise to strengthen the blockchain industry.

JH Kim, CEO of theloop, said โ€œwe hope to provide an organic system where DApp projects are newly discovered and provided with marketing support, which will lead to the expansion of the ICON network.โ€ Ken Hong, CEO of AD4th, said โ€œwith the MOU with theloop, a leading blockchain company in South Korea, we will be able to discover new blockchain projects using theloopโ€™s blockchain engine โ€˜loopchainโ€™ and help them develop and grow into a real life project.โ€

AD4th is the first company in Korea to host a blockchain demo day event, named โ€˜New Kids On the Block(chain)โ€™. They are also engaged in various business areas such as blockchain business education, marketing for DApp projects. AD4th plans on expanding business areas to DApp project acceleration and building new DApp projects with the cooperation of start-upโ€™s and conglomerates.

[Introduction of AD4th]
AD4th has changed their company name from FocusM to AD4th Insight last March. The company name means, to expand existing digital marketing into the 4th Industrial Revolution blockchain based business.

With the vision of becoming the โ€˜No.1 blockchain ADtech company in Asiaโ€™, people from various companies such as Naver, Kakao, Line, Coupang, eBay, GS homeshopping, and SK telecom are joining the company. With these talented staff and partnerships with various companies, they are building various blockchain based businesses.