ICONLOOP participated in ‘Bloconomic Excellence Award’

ICONLOOP, invited by the Malaysian Blockchain Association, participated in Bloconomic Excellence Award 2019 held today, on April 25. The event was held with an award ceremony to select outstanding policy-making institutions and investors who drive the development of the blockchain industry by discovering promising blockchain projects and startups in Malaysia and neighboring Southeast Asian countries. ICONLOOP joined the event with Josh Choi’s keynote speech and panel discussion.

Josh Choi, Director of Public Affairs at ICONLOOP, had a keynote speech titled “Towards Mass Adoption: Why the Public Sector Matters” at 09:15. He introduced ICONLOOP’s key performance and smart city strategy based on a combination of public services and private blockchain to illustrate how mass adoption of this technology could look. Additionally, Josh joined the 3rd panel session titled “Initiatives in blockchain pushing towards Industrial Revolution 4.0” at 11:00, proposing a collaboration between the core values of blockchain technology and the three values of the fourth industrial revolution: accessibility, trust, and human-centric design.

ICONLOOP also had an in-depth discussion to expand Southeast Asian blockchain ecosystem with ‘MDEC(Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation)’, which is a public corporation dedicated to digital economic strategy and industrial escalation under the Malaysian government, ‘PIKOM(The National ICT Association of Malaysia)’, which is a consortium consisting of more than 800 Malaysian technology companies and promising startups. Particularly, from the viewpoint of smart city, ICONLOOP emphasized its technological strengths and use-cases in public service, public data, and resource management for Malaysia’s major cities. Please stay tuned for our future announcement about blockchain and smart city!

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