Targeting Blockchain mass-adoption by expanding ICONโ€™s public blockchain ecosystem

YJ Chung Business Management Officer & Woong Kim Product Management Officer

Greetings from the ICONLOOP Team,

ICONLOOP has recruited Director YJ Chung for a Business Management Officer role and Woong Kim for a Product Management Officer role. The two come from existing platform companies Kakao and SK Planet. ICONLOOP aims to help expand ICONโ€™s public blockchain ecosystem and partnerships through adding these new experts.

YJ Chung, who will join ICONLOOP as a Business Management Officer in October, has grown his expertise in consumer facing technology via his previous experience at Kakao, Naver, and Samsung Electronics. Woong Kim, who will have the title of Product Management Officer at ICONLOOP, has garnered experience from SK Planet, Naver, and SK Telecom. With more than a decade of experience and expertise, YJ Chung and Woong Kim will offer consulting for blockchain project teams and companies hoping to turn their ideas around blockchain into businesses of the future.

YJ Chung said, โ€œICON has been trying to discover quality DApp teams through accelerator programs and demo days to deliver the real value of blockchain to usersโ€. He added, โ€œWe will support blockchain project teams establishing and implementing business strategies from scratch so that they could reap tangible returns.โ€

Woong Kim said, โ€œDomestic companies often have difficulties integrating blockchain technology into their existing businesses. Since most of the platforms are developed overseas, such as the US and China, they are struggling to get technical supportโ€. He added, โ€œWe will support Korean companies to lead the global blockchain ecosystemโ€.

ICON has completed much of the technical preparation necessary to support DApp development teams since updating our MainNet to version 3.0, which now supports smart contacts, on September 18th. The ICONLOOP Team expects to further expand ICONโ€™s public blockchain ecosystem with these recruitments.

Thank you,

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