MOU between theloop & Smilegate Stove


Greetings, ICONers.

We are very pleased to inform you news about a new project with Smilegate Stove. As we have introduced at our annual summit last week, we have officially signed an MOU with Smilegate Stove on 6.FEB.2018. We will collaborate our efforts in building the next generation game platform together.

Smilegate Stove is the game platform development arm of Smilegate which has grown into a globally renowned company boosted by its success of its FPS game โ€˜Crossfireโ€™. Smilegate Stove provides platform services where game users can share, experience and buy various contents that they have created. This platform is operated as a C2C(Consumer to Consumer) platform enabling active two-way transactions between the users.

Smilegate Stove aims to create a new paradigm for the game ecosystem where there are no boundaries between the creators and the users. They hope to achieve this by building a โ€˜decentralized platformโ€™ using the blockchain technology so that the creators are guaranteed clear rights to their contents and the users have unlimited access at sharing their contents.

We believe this MOU has far more meaning than just entering a new industry. The next generation game platform will be a huge opportunity for the blockchain and game industry.

We thank you for the support and enthusiasm.